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Welcome to Cap Sud !
Looking for a bed in Marigot St-Martin?


Cap Sud

Au mouillage
Marigot St-Martin

Front door:

Bed Spot:


Offer: Narrow beds on the boat

Places: 2

Included: Bathroom

Price: 20 Eur or Usd /Person/Night

Extra: Breakfast $10 / person

Extra: Sail tour half a day $50. / person

Extra: Sail tour full day $100 / person

Smokers: no

Proximity: Shopping, restaurants, taxi, ferry, Marigot town


Cap Sud is anchored in Marigot Bay in St-Martin. We pick you up at the ferry deck at 7 pm and take you back at 7 am.

Contact: Daniel Laverdiere

By phone: 1 581 702-9667

Send Daniel an email message:

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Departure Date:


We are the blue pin in the middle: